Tuesday, June 19: a delegation of Municipal Councillors of Overbetuwe visit Eurocase. Jeroen Sertons explains the origin of Eurocase.

The e-commerce fulfilment company Eurocase started after the Royal Dutch Mint bought the mail order company Muntpost in 2007. Muntpost arose 30 years before, after the celebration of Elst's 1250 year existence with a special coin: the Sceatta.

This film of more than 42 years ago was shown during the visit.

Watch the movie here too >>

The tour of the company clarified what e-commerce fulfillment is exactly about and what actions take place after ordering a product via the internet. The e-commerce fulfillment at Eurocase is currently focusing on small valuable items such as coins, stamps and collector's items. Eurocase is now rapidly expanding with the logistics handling of various other products for webshops.

We were very surprised when Fabian Miceli, the municipal account manager for companies, handed us a picture frame as a thank you.

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